Sep. 12th, 2014


Sep. 12th, 2014 10:02 pm
OK, I'm up to S2E13 and no. no possessing Sam. no.

I don;t actually feel anything strong for either Sam or Dean, but still NO!. do not like no no no.

Shapeshifter Dean did not bother me this much.

ok back a bit. Finale S1. Holy Cow, that is a way to end a Season. Were the ratings good enough that there was no doubt they would be back for a second season? cause everyone possibly dead is a hell of a cliffhanger for a season 1.

I had seen S2E1 at some point, I think it may be the only full episode I had seen before. I think I may have seen part of S2E2 before also. Nt sure why I did not stick with it then, didn't grab me I guess without the backstory of all off S1.

JO - so I initially thought the tension with her mom (Ellen) and the boys was gonna be because John was Jo's dad. Then the reveal of John causing her dad's death. Not sure if I buy that being all of it still. I mean, they have not had Dean bed Jo yet, so it could still be more.

I do like Jo and her mom and Bobby as secondary characters.

ok this next episode - the he said/he said play of it - SO GOOD.

Dean with mouth full of cookies is BRILLIANT!!

Before this was halfway over I was screaming CHAOS DEMON in my head.



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