day 2

Jan. 4th, 2016 07:16 pm
[personal profile] msbelle
- I logged food on fitbit again AND MADE CALORIE GOAL! SUCK IT!
- I stayed offline at work until 2pm which was dearly needed as there were way too many mistakes by others that I had to fix for month end close. (shit I just had a panic, I had not left my work phone out and close is not officially closed yet. We are not supposed to leave until it is, but I bring my laptop home with me. WHEW, no corrections sent to me as of yet.)
- the child did not do his chores. I am not going to start an argument. Day 1 back to school and he clearly came home logged on and did nothing else. Therapy will be the venue. AT least he is being semi-human (too much time only online though and that will cease, his mood deteriorates.)

I am not sure I did a great job at monitoring my consumption re: media while on FB. Things enrage me and I may need to block some people.

No hugging. no one at work to hug. child has not engaged aside from 2 sentences about food.

It was a hard day to focus, ita's birthday and work being hectic, it too a lot for me not to cry and/or yell, so giving myself kudos and a break.

I did read some fanfic, not really what I meant by reading more, but it is reading. I'll come close to finishing the kid's book I am reading at night, tonight.
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