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- Pay attention to what I am consuming (food by tracking water and calories for a start; media by limiting time on fb/tumblr/twitter and increasing movies/books; stuff by buying better things and fewer of them)
- Speak less, smile more
- Be present
- Have some new experiences
- Recognize what brings joy and spend energy toward that
- Look for what I want
- Hug more people more often

last post here was 2-10 and the group I made on FB to try and help with eating/weight stuff has been mostly ignored by me also. forging ahead....

- food tracking fell off.
- water intake did also.
- media limiting has been better aside from FB which never really decreases unless I read for a night.
- an international trip helped me keep up the movie watching. Nothing currently out grabs me like the nominees did, so I am looking to get some TV binging out of the way.
- did not read like I thought I would on vacation, so slow going on the current book.
- buying is way down aside from media and food.
- I think I have been doing better with the speak less bit. Not sure about smiling more.
- REALLY worked on this on vacation. I think I am gettig better.
- Vacation was somewhere I had been before, but I resisted urges to re-live that vacation. Went to 2 new sites altogether. Had tours at two sites that I had previously visited solo with no guide, so those experiences were completely different. Only ate at one of the same restaurants as last visit.
- listening to music more often re:joy. Also cleaning out, but differently than I normally do, more thought going into it and working more on less accumulation so to decrease constant clearing.
- still not sure what I want
- I hugged people on vacation. need to see friends more.

So I am still mindful of these things, not always on with practicing them, but I have not fallen off completely. Vacation was good in many ways. The apartment we stayed in was small and sparcely filled. I loved it and it made me realize how drastically I need to shift my relationship with stuff. I need a lot less and I can make a huge shift in that direction before my next move 4-5 years. Rather than bags of stuff to get rid of, I look at my house now and see rooms full to get rid of. Entire cabinets that could go. A bedroom suite, chairs, a desk, half my dishes/cooking things, a table, entertainment unit, half or more of the knick-knacks, all my yarn, half my fabric, half the linens. on and on.

I was off tv completely on vacationa dn did not supplant with reading which I found odd. I guess the increased activity just wore me out sufficiently that I did very little winding down. Being around 3 family members all day every day is a lot, even when you are not talking to each other the whole time. Navigation was left up to me which is great as a control freak, but frustrating when they are not good with letting go. One played the equivelent of backseat driver as we were in transit, second guessing/making suggestions - refused to listen beforehand and look over things with me BEFORE we headed out. Another refused to follow, was constantly getting in front of group with no idea where we were headed most of the time. No one got killed though, so all good.

Came back to a pile of work and virtually no interest in doing it aside from not wanting to be way behind. This work stuff is getting old. 20-30 more years of this? uuugh. a partner is looking better all the time. I would like some help.



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