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May. 25th, 2007 08:40 pm
I've been journaling on smaller topics and/or to smaller groups recently. This is back to generalalities.

I got out of work at 2:30 today. Most people left closer to 2, but I was still have to get home 3 hours early. The difference a few hours makes:

returned video to library
paid library fine
sorted and got 2 loads of laundry in
bought groceries
chatted with neighbor
got laundry to air dry out and up in drying rack
got laundry to machine dry into machine
took out recycling

And I still picked up mac an hour before the early normal time.

Work - The past two weeks have been exhausting, but the last two days I did a lot of good training of new people at work and got 2 new projects really well organized. It's the kind of front end organization and talking through that we really need to do a lot more of, but it never happens because of short timelines and too many projects. It's why I am desperately trying to train more and more people, so that we have a larger core group that can and will do the critical thinking and who can put together the planning documents for projects.

Non-Work - Mac has been learning the Spiderman theme song. He is up to the bridge and he will learn the last verse and big finale tonight and tomorrow. He is extremely proud and happy. He has been teaching other kids at school and even sang parts of it to his music teacher at afterschool.

I have a wedding this weekend. I am not a person that has a lot of weddings to attend, so I am always kinda thrown. I end up getting to the last second and realizing that what I have to wear is pretty limited and I have no idea where I am going for the ceremony and then weird social anxiety which is so not me at all. I think it stems from a big event that I am in no way in charge of or an integral part of so I feel so fringe.

I have been organizing digital pictures tonight. There were over 100 on my camera. And then more than that on my laptop that needed to be moved to the external harddrive. And then there are flickr uploads, and I am trying to start labeling and need to go back and label old stuff. It is all in an attempt to finally email family and friends with links to photosets of mac. Also to do some printing out for a photo album for him and printing out of pictures I have of others to send them.



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