Sorry guys, I can't make a custom group from work, but here's the link. I was wrong wrong wrong on one thing in my last post, it calls for a minimum of meat, not a maximum, so protein should not be an issue.

Info on it can be found:

I am going to be easing into it this week. For example, I had a banana for breakfast, but I also had half caf coffee with a little milk. Lunch is going to completely follow the detox though, salad with unseasoned grilled chicken and only veggies on the list, lemon juice for dressing. I also brought some of the tea for mid afternoon and I will be making sure I get the full intake of water. I am not sure about dinner tonight, but possibly going off plan to finish some leftovers.

I think I will start the elixir tonight or tomorrow morning. My hope is to be fully on by Wednesday or Thursday.

I'd like to email every day or so what I am doing, and if you all feel like it you can respond. Would that work for you all? If so, send me the email you'd like me to send to - profile email either here or
I'm getting ready to do the Spring detox cleanse again. It's 1-2 weeks of a fairly limited diet. Broad strokes: no caffeine, no dairy, no sugar, no bread, no grains, no alcohol, a specific list of fruits (2 servings/day) and veggies (unlimited raw, less cooked), 4 oz lean meat/day (but not beef), and a few other items. If anyone would like the full specifics, I am happy to send them to you. I am also happy to email or post here for mutual support if anyone is interested in doing it. The first 3-4 days are rough, then it becomes much easier.



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