since I seem to be unable to sleep this evening, I thought I'd finally get around to posting the pic of the purse I knit a couple of weeks ago.

and another

As you can see, I have not blocked it or woven in ends yet. I think I will make the drawstring part in a contrasting or complimentary yarn instead of keeping it all black. I am also thinking of lining it, to avoid the stretched out issue and the things falling through holes issue.

It is big enough for a few credit/ID cards, keys, cell phone, lipstick, and some bills rolled up.


Apr. 1st, 2006 10:33 pm
Better late than never, here is the pic of the awesome stuff I got from my SP7.

And here is where I put some of it to use already:
pic 2

Thanks again!

I am so glad I am finally getting pics up at flickr so I can link to them. Expect many more posts with pictures in the future.

SP7 -

Mar. 23rd, 2006 11:41 am
I forgot to update that I got an AWESOME package from my SP7. Beautiful and soft Pink Wool, retro 50s kitchen styled notecards and books, project yardage card (to figure out yardage needs), oh god, and something else I am forgetting.***Candles! Lilac (which I have already burned twice and fills my house with the best smell) and French Vanilla which smells good enough to eat, but that I won't.**** It was all too cool! I will take some pics and add them in later.

Work has just been a bear, so I am very sorry for failing to update earlier this week. As you can probably tell work has eaten up a lot of my knitting time over this SP time. I hope that the lack of knitting updates and activity was not a bummer for you. Plans are perculating in the brain, time has just not allowed.

THANK YOU! SP7. You have been a great SP. I hope you have had as much fun doing this as I have. THANKS AGAIN!



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