I am tracking my 101 list over here: http://markitoff.blogspot.com/
and I'm pretty pleased with how things are going. It is a process I enjoy. I wish I had put fewer ongoing things on there and more projects that would be completed with a timeframe of 1 day to 3-4 months.

The list led me to general decluttering which has been an ongoing focus of my life for at least a couple of years. It seems each year I reach a new threshold of what I can bear to part with. I still have way way too much stuff and am at the moment feeling very trapped and weighted down by it all. Still, it is hard for me to give up things for nothing, and in some cases just do without them being around.

Another thing it led me to is reduced consumption. I decided in July to not buy any new clothes for myself for a year. I have bought one t-shirt (Obama) and 2 pairs of tights. Hopefully that will be all the slipping. I have way more clothes than I need. I hope to find some satisfaction in a smaller wardrobe over this year, but it will be a big change for me to limit choices.

One thing I am really learning is that I do not have a lot of self-control wrt to spending money. It's little purchases, but I just will not stop (coffee, eating out...). At least it is starting to really bug me, maybe that will lead to change.

One things I am going to try for in 2009 is asking for help when I need it, and sometimes before I need it. I may be asking for help on things to finish off this list.



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